Significantly reduce time involvement in your company and optimise performance

GET Performance

Replicate performance by systemizing operations
"The project helped our struggle to digitalize for
years as we did not have the expertise on how
to design a CRM plan while managing the
change in SOPs, let alone decide on vendor
due diligence"
COO of a Tuition Chain with ~$3m annual turnover

Business Process Redesign

Reduce operating costs / time by optimizing processes based on a system approach

Process profitability assessment
Business model transformation
Visual process mapping ( 5 levels etc. )

Cost/Cash Optimisation

Enhance company cashflow and reduce costs by evaluating company financial indicators

Working capital management
Activity based costing
Finance controls redesign


Improve profitability by digitalizing operations based on a quantitative approach

Dashboard KPI data mapping
Vendor due diligence and selection
Digitalization blueprint strategy & design

GET Productivity

Invest and develop your people so that they build your business
"We were impressed by how GET Consulting
was able to create the buy in with our ground
staff. They aligned everyone with structural
changes including KPIs, SOPs, and reporting
Director of a ~$4m fast fashion retail chain

KPI Transformation

Increase decision making capability and system sustainability by establishing accountability and transparency based on company performance data

KPI quantification (company and department level) & tracking
Roles & responsibilities mapping
Structured reporting and communications strategy

HR/Talent Management

Enhance productivity by aligning business objectives to employee motivation and providing the platform for growth

HR process transformation (Recruit, Reward, Retain) & organizational development
Remuneration (commissions & benefits) modelling
Skills competency promotion/career framework


Sustain company performance on the ground by executing implementation workshops based on change management requirements

Customized scope / activities based on management outcomes
Project management / initiatives buy in and creation
People mindset change and engagement

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