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Meet the team

Our Story

All you need is courage
GET Consulting started as an earnest endeavour by John, an average Singaporean who didn’t do well in school but worked his way up to join a top prestigious strategy consulting firm. 

While serving fortune 500 clients, John realised that he had access to the world’s best decision makers, CEOs who were able to make the right calls. 

What was their secret? 

Why did most decisions they made create lasting value? 

Was there a way to transfer this capability to others? 

Realising the potential to repackage the mind of business leaders and deliver it to SMEs, John founded a team of crazy individuals to replicate this success for business owners which led to the forming of GET Consulting. 

Today GET focuses on exit readiness and strategy and we’ve partnered more than a dozen clients who’ve experienced growth and personal impact. We aren’t stopping till all businesses, no matter how small or large, become exit ready. 

This is our promise.

Our Brand Values

Always transact in the currency of love

We put our hearts into everything we say and do 


We derive all recommendation from data-backed research


We make sure that every business we touch grows

lasting impact

We strive to transform lives and deliver value that matters

Meet the Team

The minds behind GET Consulting

John Lin

John is the Managing Partner of GET Consulting. 

He has led local and international consulting teams to deliver end-to-end value from corporate growth strategy to transformational operations projects. 

He consulted dozens of SMEs under the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) for PMC based consulting projects. He has also engaged C-suite level clients from Fortune 500 companies.

John founded GET Consulting in 2018 and was previously part of PwC and EY’s strategy consulting team. 

He obtained his Masters in Business Management while graduating with distinctions from his Alma Mater, The Australian National University.

Ming Sheng

Ming Sheng is a Partner at GET Consulting. 

He came from venture capital (VC) and engaged businesses in corporate finance strategy, fund-raising and business innovation. 

Prior to VC, he managed a portfolio of over 60 companies by providing tax and accounting advisory. 

Ming Sheng co-founded GET Consulting and was from a publicly listed (ASX) buy side VC. 

He obtained a Masters in Accounting and Finance from The London School of Economics while graduating with First Class Honours (3rd in cohort) from SIM - University of London.

Ian Tan

Ian is a consultant at GET Consulting. 

He has experience in Mergers & Acquisition (M&A), financial due diligence and corporate finance, focusing on health care and wealth management sectors. 

Ian began his career in PwC Financial Assurance before joining a Private Equity firm as a project manager for greenfield projects in China and South East Asia (SEA). 

He obtained a Bachelors of Commerce in Accounting and Finance from The University of Melbourne and obtained his CPA license in 2017.

Our track record

We are very happy with the project as it gives the new management clarity on how to take over the company from a top down and bottom up approach 

CEO and Founder of a local manufacturing company with an annual revenue of ~$17m

The project helped our struggle to digitalize for years as we did not have the expertise on how to design a CRM plan while managing the change in SOPs, let alone decide on vendor due diligence

COO of a Tuition Chain with ~$3m annual turnover

The team surpassed our expectations during the implementation workshop with management scoring them >9/10 for feedback, this with all 17 attendees’ average age being ~45 years old

CEO of a ~$20m manufacturing company 

The project essentially changed the way we managed talent. 

From the hiring process to onboarding to evaluation and then to compensation, new processes were implemented throughout

CEO of a Tuition Chain with ~$3m annual turnover

The engagement has enabled management to re-envision our strategy on how to grow. 

From organic to inorganic expansion of the business, new growth initiatives were implemented throughout our K12 and pre-school subsidiaries

Group CEO & Founder of a ~$7m Education Holdings company

We did not know that our company was worth more than 5 times our revenue to our buyers 

Senior management of a 7 month old tech startup with current revenues of ~$200k

Our metrics in a nutshell


1st and 2nd gen owner relationships reconciled


Industries that we have helped


of investors capital raised for our clients

>1000 hours

 saved for business
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