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Education Client
Learn how we filled in the service gap to increase customer life value

Our Methodology


Stagnant growth with no clear long term strategy

Growth have been stagnant over the last few years, many centers were opened but eventually close.

On the staff side, staff are motivated, but lack directional goals and understanding to assist in business growth.


Understand the industry and conduct gap analysis with operational consulting

In order to understand the education industry better, GET conducted Geo-mapping analysis to identify areas within Singapore that are best suited in terms of competition and population density to hold educational centers.

Financial due diligence was conducted on the overseas market to give management a clear understanding of revenue-cost factors before venturing into unknown grounds.

Additionally GET identified gaps in services provided by the Client and initiated new pricing strategies including incentive, partnership plans, and product bundle pricing to increase life time value of customers.

Furthermore, GET streamlined the company’s back-end processes by introducing and designed an effective ERP system.

+30% productivity
Automation is a reality


Increased in productivity, brand awareness and opened up opportunities for overseas expansion.

Productivity was increased by 30% through the introduction of automation and 3 years initiative list for employees to act on.

The Client’s customers were made aware of all of the services provided and cited continuous usage of services upon introducing incentive framework and product bundles recommended by GET.

Overseas plan is now open for discussion as the market entry analysis opened more doors for expansion.

What our client said

The analysis was meticulous and comprehensive. All actionable recommendations were data driven, based on internal and market insights

CEO and founder of an education company with over 250 centers

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