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Learn how GET helped management reduce their burn rate by 30% and increase valuation by 100% through growth strategies

Our Methodology


Unknown market valuation and no growth strategy.

The Client is seeking to raise funds to expand their businesses but they were unaware of valuable their company was.

The Client were also unaware on how to position themselves in the market to optimize fund raising and how to best use their current funds to grow the company.


Conduct Client SWOT analysis, financial due diligence and market entry analysis for the IT industry

GET needed to identify the Client’s strengths and opportunities to create value.Financial analysis was done performed to access the major cost factors to minimize burn rates as well as detect underutilized areas for possible opportunities.

To create a growth strategy, a detailed road map on possible overseas expansion was drawn up accompanied with research to prioritize expansion plans.

-30% burn rate
+100% valuation


Financial Independence with a true market valuation of the company

The Client achieved financial independence and became profitable 2 months after the project completed. Management became aware of how much the company is worth in the market.

The Client is also able to understand and how to structure deals to fit his desired capital/equity ratio. With a properly valued company and financial independence as well as a strategic growth strategy, the company’s employees were able to see in the company’s growth.

What our client said

GET has helped us to clearly spot areas in our companies that we can immediately optimise for quick wins to reduce our burn rate.

Also, we have a clearer direction of who to pitch to and structure deals for greater valuation. 

CEO and founder of a 6 figure local software company

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