Operations Transformation Case

Agriculture Client
Learn how GET managed the succession planning process of a 25 years agriculture company, while driving revenue growth to ~15% as an outcome of the project.

Our Methodology


Legacy model of operations required restructuring to remain competitive

GET discovered that due to long-established procedures set within the company, business activities were separately handled by individual business units which resulted in a very inefficient reporting process. This also meant that rresources were not utilized as ideally as the client would like.


Operations streamlining through KPIs, SOPs, and R&R

At GET, we understand the emotional investment put into years of running a business, and we work with a personal approach to retain the heritage of the business while optimizing for the future.

Thus we needed to write a framework to restructure the company’s KPIs to accurately align goals and accountability to the individual, department, and lastly company level without changing too much of the business drastically. Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPS”) were also rewritten to define the roles and responsibilities.
+15% revenue growth


Successful handover to new management, starting off strong with ~15% revenue growth

Growth in revenue was observed as a direct result of transforming operations to maximize productivity

What our client said

We have never worked with management consultants before. Happy to say we want to work with GET Consulting again. Was thoroughly impressed with how they implemented relevant change to a legacy model of operations”

COO of a retail company with an annual revenue of ~$1.2m

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