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Discover how we helped the founder of a media company grow sales by over 100%, while significantly reducing hours spent managing daily operations.

Our Methodology


Topline performance limited by average deal sizes

Burning his weekends in the fashion of a true bootstrapping entrepreneur, the founder of a media company was determined to grow his business into something bigger. The results however were not fruitful and the founder did not know why the business was not growing despite the countless hours put in.

GET was asked to come in and found out that the client needed a clear strategic direction to re-look at their customers profile and re-direct their sales operations.


Reinvent the company’s product packaging and sales process to match newly matched customer profile

By identifying the company’s capabilities to be more suited for the more lucrative market segment, the potential for higher market share was then discovered.

GET then recommended the company to design products directly to address the lucrative market needs.
 10 hours per week
+100% revenue


Founder involvement reduced to below 10 hours per week with growth in sales revenue

The engagement with GET helped the company achieve significant growth in revenue within the year and at the same time, reduced the founder’s hours spent on the business.

With more time on his hands, the founder was then able to pursue other opportunities to build up his business.

What our client said

“Prior to the engagement, we never did outbound sales nor had a specific strategy to target certain client profiles. Results are already showing.”

CEO and Founder of a now $0.5m media company that closed their biggest deal ever at $0.13m post engagement

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