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Food and Beverages Client
Discover how GET Consulting  helped management increase profit by 20% and reduce their time involvement in the company to 4 hours weekly.

Our Methodology


Unable to value the company to its true amount

The Client always had the end goal of selling their company but there were four issues that needed to be solved before the sale of the company could happen.

The issues were that their profits were on a decline, the company had no strategic goals and management were still involved heavily in operations (key man risk). This resulted in an non-ideal situation for an acquisition and therefore low negotiating powers. The last issue was that the Client did not know how to exit the market.


Alignment of roles and responsibilities, market entry due diligence and creating doors for investment opportunities

GET needed to align the roles and responsibilities for management to take on the roles of sales, marketing and strategy role of the company.

By identifying underutilized assets and increasing sales and marketing performances, profits were expected to grow. Key man risks were reduced for operations so that management are more focused on the strategic direction of the company. This solved the first three issues.

To create an exit opportunity, GET needed to help the Client expand their business by performing due diligence on various market expansion options and made recommendations based on each activity return on investments.

 4 hours work week
+20% profits


Increase in profitability, more hours saved for management and company is now exit ready

During the course of the project, profit increased by 20% and management time involvement reduced to 4 hours weekly.

Management now have clearer strategic goals to expand their business, and have an option to exit their company to an attractive valuation.

What our client said

We needed expertise on how to raise capital to grow our juice subsidiary. The customized strategy road map gave management direction and clarity on what resources were required and how much the subsidiary was valued at to investors.

CEO and founder of F&B eCommerce company with annual revenue of $350K

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