Operations Transformation Case

Fashion Apparel Client
Unveil how GET helped two founders spend more time with their newborn child weekly and realized their dreams of pursing a part time degree

Our Methodology


Stagnant profits forcing management to spend more time worrying

Profits have been stagnant in recent years due to operational challenges such as talent performance and unstructured processes. 

These symptoms also caused inefficient outcomes and over reliance on management.


Interviews with the ground and structure the KPI framework

GET conducted over 25 interviews with senior management/managers and ground staff to fully understand the processes of the Client.

GET then prepared and designed detailed and streamlined SOPs (“Standard Operating Procedures”) to clearly defined the roles and responsibilities for the staff.

In addition, GET also restructured the reporting processes, developed new KPIs and created reporting workbooks to transform the owners into smart decision-makers.
 0 hours spent in company office


Employee aligned to strategic goal and significant time saved for management

Staff performances were aligned with management goals and overall motivation increased. Employees became more independent due to clearly stated roles. This also resulted in faster on-boarding processes, and employees were able to try out other operational activities within the company. 

In conclusion, management were confident to leave operational activities to their employees’ hand and was able to free up more time for themselves. COO of the company fully handover her position and spent 0 hours in the company for an entire month, while maintain profits

What our client said

We were impressed by how GET Consulting was able to create the buy in with our ground staff. They aligned everyone with structural changes including KPIs, SOPs and reporting requirements.

CEO and Founder of a fashion company with an annual revenue of 4m

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